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Gresham turned a year old when we moved to Jonesboro. I immediately began looking for activities to get involved in, for he and I both, to meet new friends. Kindermusik of Jonesboro came highly recommended and soon it became so much more to us than new friendships! Now 7 years old, and in Mrs. Mac's graduate class, Gresham has spent the last 6 years learning to love all different types of music, to read basic musical concepts, and to play several unique instruments. His love of music has grown every year we have spent in Kindermusik and I can definitely say it has had a positive impact on his mental, physical and social skills as he has grown from a toddler into Elementary school age. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Mac and Kindermusik in our lives, and it is an experience we will treasure forever!

-Janna & Gresham Maxwell

2617 Nettleton Ave Ste B
Jonesboro, AR 72401

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