"We are so thankful for Kindermusik not only for the introduction to music and social interactions but we also love the family friendly atmosphere.  When we are in class, we feel the love and friendship that is extremely important for good healthy development!" 

James, Amber & AddyBeth Martin

"From swaying and bouncing in our arms, to now, at 2 years old sitting on the floor playing with instruments, running, jumping, and interacting with other children, we have enjoyed watching Caleb grow, develop and change since we started kindermusik.  We look forward to going to class as a family and bonding while learning things like different styles of music, rhythm and sign language together.  We have been pleased with our experience with Kindermusik and look forward to many more years of fun and learning."

Blake, Kari and Caleb Davis

"Our child had a rough start to life and we were initially told that she may have severe mental and physical delays due to a brain injury sustained at birth.  Olivia is now a happy and healthy 2 year old who loves to dance and giggle.  She is the absolute joy of our life!  When we finally got the clear from her neurologist to end formal therapy, we decided to start Kindermsuik to keep up her progress.  She has come a long way since that first class!  Ms. Mac incorporats many development elements throughout the hour-long session.  I love how she explains the "why" behind each activity and how to positively interact with our children to achieve the best outcome.  Olivia is absolutely thriving and we both look forward to Tuesday nights!"

Nathan, Jenna & Olivia Waddill

Miles is only three months old but he already does very well with it because it's such an awesome program. He's always interested and engaged in what is going on. Although he is so young, I know that the exposure to music and vocabulary so early is already doing him good. I LOVE that Mrs. Mac does so much with vocabulary and ASL. Miles is going to know so much by the time he turns one! It's easy to see why parents and children alike love her. 

Garry, Valerie & Miles Newman

We love Kindermusik! From infancy through the older child classes, all four of my children have enjoyed and are still benefitting from Kindermusik. It makes it so much easier to start an advanced instrument like piano or to sing in a choir. I have one child who plays clarinet in school band and two who play handbells at church. Kindermusik instills an early love of music!

Christina Stiles

My daughter has gone to Kindermusik with Mrs Mac since she was just a couple months old and she has always had a love of music!!! Kindermusik is a great way for her to learn through music! I can see how it has helped her grow so much!

Mylo, Sarah & Reagan Ball

We LOVE our Kindermusik class! It is so much more than just a music class. We started Merritt when he was two. We have seen him grow leaps and bounds with his social skills as he interacts with the other kids in his class, and his love for music. He is a high energy child, but Kindermusik has taught him patience, and how to contain some of that in a structured setting. When he knows it's music day, he can't get to the car fast enough to go see Mrs. Mac. The class is very affordable, and our family would recommend it to anyone!

Michael, Rebecca, and Merritt Propst 

My 6 year old really enjoys his music class! Since my son is homeschooled I was a little concerned with him getting the social experience he may have needed with children around his age. Well, the very first class he had, I stayed in the room in the back corner to reassure him that I was there and he would be ok considering that he can be extremely introverted, painfully shy at first. Mrs. Mac has been patient and encouraging to him and now he basically runs me out of the room when I drop him off because that's "his time" and not only that he has made some new friends who also share a love of music and it is so exciting to see him learning and having fun at the same time!

Charles, Saraya & Bentley Rice

Gresham turned a year old when we moved to Jonesboro. I immediately began looking for activities to get involved in, for he and I both, to meet new friends. Kindermusik of Jonesboro came highly recommended and soon it became so much more to us than new friendships! Now 7 years old, and in Mrs. Mac's graduate class, Gresham has spent the last 6 years learning to love all different types of music, to read basic musical concepts, and to play several unique instruments. His love of music has grown every year we have spent in Kindermusik and I can definitely say it has had a positive impact on his mental, physical and social skills as he has grown from a toddler into Elementary school age. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Mac and Kindermusik in our lives, and it is an experience we will treasure forever!

-Janna & Gresham Maxwell

"My 15 month old daughter has blossomed in this class. She is signing all through the day and dancing regularly and to the beat! I'm so so so glad that I put her in this class! Honestly her Dad and I look forward to coming every week and I'm pretty sure we have just as much fun! "

- Britney Mckee